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XATOM: all about x-ray atomic physics

XATOM is an integrated toolkit for x-ray atomic physics. It mainly focuses on what are fundamental x-ray-induced atomic processes and how their dynamics evolve during x-ray free electron laser (FEL) pulses. To treat x-ray–atom interactions, we employ a consistent theoretical framework based on nonrelativistic quantum electrodynamics and perturbation theory, within the Hartree-Fock-Slater model. This toolkit can easily handle all possible n-hole electronic configurations of all possible +n charge states of any elements. With XATOM, one can calculate photoionization cross sections, Auger and Coster-Kronig decay rates, fluorescence rates, elastic x-ray scattering cross sections and their dispersion correction, and shake-off branching ratios. With XATOM, the ionization and relaxation dynamics are described by rate equations, which are solved by either direct solver for an N by N matrix or Monte-Carlo solver [5,6] for a huge number of coupled rate equations. After solving rate equations, one can investigate, for example, scattering patterns including electronic radiation damage [1], charge state distribution [2,4,5,6], pathways to reach high charge states [4,5,6], MAD coefficients and wavelength-dependent scattering patterns [3], Compton scattering [7,8], and photoelectron / Auger electron / fluorescence spectra [4,5]. XATOM has been extended to plasma applications [9,10] and to impact ionization calculation [11], and employed for molecular electronic structure and dynamics calculation [12,13]. It has been combined with XMDYN [14,15] for simulating complex systems.

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Diagrams of x-ray–atom interaction. P: photoionization, A: Auger (Coster-Kronig) decay, F: fluorescence, SO: shake-off, S: elastic x-ray scattering, and RS: resonant elastic x-ray scattering.

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Oral Presentations
Electronic response to X-ray free-electron laser pulses by Sang-Kil Son
  1. The 3rd CQSE International Workshop on Atomic, Molecular, and Ultrafast Science and Technology (National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, January 7-8, 2012) [invited talk] [bib][BibTeX][pdf][pdf][slide][slide: 9Mb][abstract][abstract][link][link]
  2. MPC-AS seminar (Max Planck Center for Attosecond Science, POSTECH, Pohang, Korea, November 23, 2012) [oral presentation] [bib][BibTeX][slide][slide: 8Mb][abstract][abstract][link][link]
Poster Presentations
XATOM: an integrated toolkit for X-ray and atomic physics by Sang-Kil Son and Robin Santra
  1. 1st CFEL Symposium 2011 (CFEL, Sylt, Germany, March 18-20, 2011) [poster] [bib][BibTeX][poster][poster: 3Mb][abstract][abstract]
  2. The 17th International Conference on Atomic Processes in Plasmas (Queen's University, Belfast, UK, July 19-22, 2011) [poster] [bib][BibTeX][pdf][pdf][poster][poster: 4Mb][abstract][abstract][link][link]
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