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    author={Gilles Doumy and C. Roedig and Sang-Kil Son and C. I. Blaga and A. D. DiChiara and Robin Santra and N. Berrah and C. Bostedt and J. D. Bozek and P. H. Bucksbaum and J. P. Cryan and L. Fang and S. Ghimire and J. M. Glownia and M. Hoener and E. P. Kanter and B. Kr{\"a}ssig and M. Kuebel and M. Messerschmidt and G. G. Paulus and D. A. Reis and N. Rohringer and L. Young and P. Agostini and L. F. DiMauro},
    title={Nonlinear atomic response to intense ultrashort x rays},
    journal={Phys. Rev. Lett.},
    keywords={Ne; nonlinear; x-ray; LCLS; experiment; XATOM; XFEL; CFEL; DESY;},
    doi={10.1103/PhysRevLett.106.083002} }

Gilles Doumy, C. Roedig, Sang-Kil Son, C. I. Blaga, A. D. DiChiara, Robin Santra, N. Berrah, C. Bostedt, J. D. Bozek, P. H. Bucksbaum, J. P. Cryan, L. Fang, S. Ghimire, J. M. Glownia, M. Hoener, E. P. Kanter, B. Krässig, M. Kuebel, M. Messerschmidt, G. G. Paulus, D. A. Reis, N. Rohringer, L. Young, P. Agostini, and L. F. DiMauro, Nonlinear atomic response to intense ultrashort x rays, Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 083002 (2011) [pdf][pdf][abstract][abstract][link]doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.106.083002

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