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    author={Sang-Kil Son and Koudai Toyota and Ludger Inhester and Yajiang Hao and Kota Hanasaki and Robin Santra and Benedikt Rudek and Artem Rudenko and Daniel Rolles},
    title={Giant x-ray multiphoton ionization of atoms and molecules},
    month={June 24-29},
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    organization={Gordon Research Conference},
    address={Bryant University, Rhode Island, US},
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    url={https://www.grc.org/multiphoton-processes-conference/2018/} }

Sang-Kil Son, Koudai Toyota, Ludger Inhester, Yajiang Hao, Kota Hanasaki, Robin Santra, Benedikt Rudek, Artem Rudenko, and Daniel Rolles, Giant x-ray multiphoton ionization of atoms and molecules in Multiphoton Processes (Gordon Research Conference, Bryant University, Rhode Island, US, June 24-29, 2018) [poster] [abstract][abstract][link][link]

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