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    author={Artem Rudenko and Ludger Inhester and Kota Hanasaki and Xiang Li and Seyyed J. Robatjazi and Benjamin Erk and Rebecca Boll and Koudai Toyota and Yajiang Hao and Oriol Vendrell and Cedric Bomme and Evgeny Savelyev and Benedikt Rudek and Lutz Foucar and Stephen H. Southworth and Carl S. Lehmann and Bertold Kr{\"a}ssig and Tatiana Marchenko and Marc Simon and Kiyoshi Ueda and Ken R. Ferguson and Maximilian Bucher and Tais Gorkhover and Sebastian Carron and Roberto Alonso-Mori and Jason E. Koglin and Jonathan Correa and Garth J. Williams and S{\'e}bastien Boutet and Linda Young and Christoph Bostedt and Sang-Kil Son and Robin Santra and Daniel Rolles},
    title={Femtosecond response of polyatomic molecules to ultra-intense hard X-rays},
    keywords={CH3I; ultrafast; ionization; fragmentation; charge rearrangement; charge transfer; coulomb explosion; x-ray explosion dynamics; x-ray multiphoton ionization; MD; molecular dynamics; MMID; CREXIM; XMOLECULE; LCLS; experiment; XFEL; CFEL; DESY;},
    doi={10.1038/nature22373} }

Artem Rudenko, Ludger Inhester, Kota Hanasaki, Xiang Li, Seyyed J. Robatjazi, Benjamin Erk, Rebecca Boll, Koudai Toyota, Yajiang Hao, Oriol Vendrell, Cedric Bomme, Evgeny Savelyev, Benedikt Rudek, Lutz Foucar, Stephen H. Southworth, Carl S. Lehmann, Bertold Krässig, Tatiana Marchenko, Marc Simon, Kiyoshi Ueda, Ken R. Ferguson, Maximilian Bucher, Tais Gorkhover, Sebastian Carron, Roberto Alonso-Mori, Jason E. Koglin, Jonathan Correa, Garth J. Williams, Sébastien Boutet, Linda Young, Christoph Bostedt, Sang-Kil Son, Robin Santra, and Daniel Rolles, Femtosecond response of polyatomic molecules to ultra-intense hard X-rays, Nature 546, 129–132 (2017) [abstract][abstract][link][link][link]doi:10.1038/nature22373

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