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Abstract of [Ziaja13a]

Transitions in matter triggered by intense ultrashort X-ray pulses

Beata Ziaja, Zoltan Jurek, Nikita Medvedev, Sang-Kil Son, Robert Thiele, and Robin Santra

55th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics
(American Physical Society, Denver, Colorado, November 11-15, 2013)


In my talk I will give an overview on the recent results of our theoretical investigation how the unique properties of X-ray free-electron laser (FEL) radiation can be employed to modify extended atomic or molecular assemblies, and to create new states of matter. I will discuss three topics that are related to various irradiation regimes that can be achieved, depending on the FEL pulse fluence: (i) atomic processes within laser-created plasmas, (ii) ultrafast electron kinetics in irradiated semiconductors, and (iii) radiation-induced structural changes in solids.

Tags: plasma, screening, ionization potential depression, IPD, XATOM, CFEL, DESY

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