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Abstract of [Son08]

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Many-mode Floquet theoretical approach for coherent control of multiphoton dynamics driven by intense frequency-comb laser fields

Sang-Kil Son and Shih-I Chu

Phys. Rev. A 77, 063406 (2008)


We extend the many-mode Floquet theorem (MMFT) for the investigation of multiphoton resonance dynamics driven by intense frequency-comb laser fields. The frequency comb structure generated by a train of short laser pulses can be exactly represented by a combination of the main frequency and the repetition frequency. MMFT allows non-perturbative and exact treatment of the interaction of a quantum system with the frequency-comb laser fields. We observe simultaneous multiphoton resonance processes between a two-level system and frequency-comb laser. The multiphoton processes can be coherently controlled by tuning the laser parameters such as the carrier-envelope phase (CEP) shift. In particular, high-order harmonic generation shows immense enhancement by tuning the CEP shift, due to simultaneous multiphoton resonances.

Tags: Floquet, MMFT, two-level, comb laser, strong-field, coherent control, HHG, KU

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