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Abstract of [Roerig21]

Non-linear multiphoton ionisation dynamics of xenon upon irradiation by highly intense soft X-ray free-electron laser pulses

A. Rörig, T. M. Baumann, B. Erk, M. Ilchen, J. Laksman, T. Mazza, M. Meyer, V. Musić, S. Pathak, D. E. Rivas, D. Rolles, R. Santra, J. M. Schäfer, S. Serkez, P. Schmidt, S. Usenko, Sang-Kil Son, and R. Boll

XXXII International Conference on Photonic, Electronic and Atomic Collisions
(virtual, July 20-23, 2021)


Results on photon-energy-dependent multiphoton ionisation of xenon using intense soft X-ray FEL pulses at the SQS instrument at the European XFEL will be presented. Ion yields for charge states up to Xe41+ were recorded over a wide photon-energy range (700-1800 eV) in small steps while maintaining high pulse energy (several mJ). Thereby, we observed distinct ion-yield variations in the charge-state distributions as a function of the photon energy due to inner-atomic resonances.

Tags: XATOM, Xe, experiment, SQS, European XFEL, CFEL, DESY

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