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Abstract of [Mueller13]

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Breakdown of the x-ray resonant magnetic scattering signal during intense pulses of extreme ultraviolet free-electron-laser radiation

L. Müller, C. Gutt, B. Pfau, S. Schaffert, J. Geilhufe, F. Büttner, J. Mohanty, S. Flewett, R. Treusch, S. Düsterer, H. Redlin, A. Al-Shemmary, M. Hille, A. Kobs, R. Frömter, H. P. Oepen, B. Ziaja, N. Medvedev, Sang-Kil Son, R. Thiele, R. Santra, W. Schlotter, B. Vodungbo, J. Lüning, S. Eisebitt, and G. Grübel

Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 234801 (2013)


We present results of single-shot resonant magnetic scattering experiments of Co/Pt multilayer systems using 100 fs long ultraintense pulses from an extreme ultraviolet (XUV) free-electron laser. An x-ray-induced breakdown of the resonant magnetic scattering channel during the pulse duration is observed at fluences of 5  J/cm2. Simultaneously, the speckle contrast of the high-fluence scattering pattern is significantly reduced. We performed simulations of the nonequilibrium evolution of the Co/Pt multilayer system during the XUV pulse duration. We find that the electronic state of the sample is strongly perturbed during the first few femtoseconds of exposure leading to an ultrafast quenching of the resonant magnetic scattering mechanism.

Tags: magnetic scattering, Co, Pt, FLASH, experiment, XATOM, FEL, XUV, CFEL, DESY

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