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All talks in 2011 with Sang-Kil Son

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  1. Gilles Doumy, C. Roedig, Sang-Kil Son, C. I. Blaga, A. D. DiChiara, Robin Santra, N. Berrah, C. Bostedt, J. D. Bozek, P. H. Bucksbaum, J. P. Cryan, L. Fang, S. Ghimire, J. M. Glownia, M. Hoener, E. P. Kanter, B. Krässig, M. Messerschmidt, D. A. Reis, N. Rohringer, L. Young, P. Agostini, and L. F. DiMauro, Nonlinear atomic response to ultraintense and ultrashort x-ray pulses in 75th Annual Meeting of the DPG and DPG Spring Meeting of the Section AMOP (German Physical Society, Dresden, Germany, March 13-18, 2011) [oral presentation] [bib][BibTeX][slide][slide: 3Mb][abstract][abstract][link][link]
  2. Sang-Kil Son, Henry N. Chapman, and Robin Santra, Multi-wavelength anomalous diffraction phasing method at high intensity in New Science Opportunities at FLASH (DESY, Hamburg, Germany, October 12-14, 2011) [oral presentation] [bib][BibTeX][pdf][pdf][slide][slide: 8Mb][abstract][abstract][link][link]

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