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All publications in 2008 with Sang-Kil Son

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  1. Juan J. Carrera, Sang-Kil Son, and Shih-I Chu, Ab initio theoretical investigation of the frequency comb structure and coherence in the vuv-xuv regimes via high-order harmonic generation, Phys. Rev. A 77, 031401(R) (2008) [bib][BibTeX][pdf][pdf][abstract][abstract][link]doi:10.1103/PhysRevA.77.031401
  2. Sang-Kil Son and Shih-I Chu, Many-mode Floquet theoretical approach for coherent control of multiphoton dynamics driven by intense frequency-comb laser fields, Phys. Rev. A 77, 063406 (2008) [bib][BibTeX][pdf][pdf][abstract][abstract][link]doi:10.1103/PhysRevA.77.063406

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